Circa 2009


Turntable: VPI Scoutmaster Signature Plus
Cartridge: Audio-Technica AT33PTG
Preamp: Pro-Ject Tubebox (GE 60’s Era Blackface Tubes)
Interconnects: Blue Jean Cables
Soundcard: E-MU 0202 USB
Signal Chain: Turntable > Phono Preamp > Soundcard
Click Repair on 20 x2 Wavelet with reverse

Recorded at 96/24 and resampled and dithered using

Never Any EQ


Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies
Alice Cooper – Easy Action (Straight)
Alice Cooper – Killer
Alice Cooper – Love It To Death (Straight)
Alice Cooper – School’s Out
Alphonse Mouzon – Mind Transplant
Angel Witch – Angel Witch (UK)
Aum – Bluesvibes
Aum – Resurrection
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (UK Vertigo Swirl)
Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality (UK Vertigo Swirl)
Black Sabbath – Mob Rules (UK Vertigo)
Black Sabbath – Paranoid (UK Vertigo Swirl)
Black Sabbath – Vol.4 (UK Vertigo Swirl)
Blind Faith – Blind Faith (UK Polydor)
Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home
Buddy Miles – Them Changes
Budgie – Budgie (UK Mca)
Budgie – If I Were Brittania I’d Waive The Rules (UK)
Budgie – If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomitting (UK EP)
Budgie – Impeckable (UK)
Budgie – Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (UK)
Cactus – One Way…Or Another (RL)
Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond – Dawn Explosion
Captain Beyond – Sufficiently Breathless
Cheap Trick – At Budokan
Chicago – II (UK)
Chick Corea’s Elektric Band – The Elektric Band
Cream – Disraeli Gears (UK Reaction Mono)
Cream – Fresh Cream (DCC)
Cream – Fresh Cream (UK Reaction Mono)
Crosby, Stills and Nash – Crosby, Stills and Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young – Deja Vu (UK Plum)
D.A.D – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name (Classic 45 RPM)
Deep Purple – Burn (UK Porky)
Deep Purple – Deep Purple (UK Harvest)
Deep Purple – Fireball (UK)
Deep Purple – In Rock (Australian)
Deep Purple – Machine Head (UK)
Deep Purple – Shades Of Deep Purple (UK)
Deep Purple – The Book Of Taliesyn (UK)
Dwight Yoakam – Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room
Eagles – Hotel California (DCC)
Eagles – One Of These Nights
Electric Sun – Earthquake (German)
Elf – Carolina County Ball
Elton John – Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy (UK DJM)
Elton John – Honky Chateau (UK DJM)
Elton John – Madman Across The Water (DCC)
Emerson, Lake And Palmer – Tarkus (UK Pink Rim Island)
Emerson, Lake And Palmer – Trilogy (UK Island)
Emitt Rhodes – Emitt Rhodes
Faces – Ooh La La (UK)
Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac (German Reprise)
Frank Zappa – Apostrophe
Frank Zappa – One Size Fits All
Frank Zappa – Over-nite Sensation (Canadian)
Free – Fire And Water (UK Pink Island)
Free – Free (Pink Island)
Free – Highway (UK Island)
Gary Moore – Run For Cover (UK)
Genesis – A Trick Of The Tail (Japanese Charisma)
Genesis – A Trick Of The Tail (UK Charisma)
Genesis – Foxtrot (UK Porky)
Genesis – Wind And Wuthering (Japanese)
Gentle Giant – Civilian (WLP)
Gentle Giant – Three Friends (UK Vertigo)
Girlschool – Screaming Blue Murder
Golden Earring – Long Blond Animal
Golden Earring – Moontan (UK Track)
Grand Funk – On Time
Grand Funk – The Red Album
Guns And Roses – Appetite For Destruction (German)
Heart – Dog And Butterfly
Heart – Little Queen (WLP)
HughesThrall – HughesThrall (Japan)
Humble Pie – Humble Pie (UK)
Humble Pie – Smokin’ (UK)
Ian Gillan – Scarabus (UK)
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (Wally)
Iron Maiden – Killers
Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind
Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast (Wally)
James Gang – Rides Again
James Taylor – Sweet Baby James (Hoffman)
Jeff Beck – Truth
Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistc Pillow (Mono)
Jefferson Starship – Earth
Jethro Tull – Aqualung (Classic)
Jethro Tull – Heavy Horses
Jethro Tull – Stand Up (UK Island)
Jethro Tull – This Was (UK Mono)
Jethro Tull – This Was (UK Pink Island Stereo)
Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced (UK Track Mono)
Jimi Hendrix – Axis Bold As Love (Japan MPA-7005)
Jimi Hendrix – Axis Bold As Love (UK Track)
Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland (UK Track)
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (Impulse Stereo)
Johnny Winter – Johnny Winter
Journey – Evolution (WLP Sterling)
Journey – Infinity (Canadian)
Journey – Raised On Radio (Masterdisk RL)
Judas Priest – Stained Class
Kansas – Masque
King Diamond – Abigail (Dutch Roadrunner)
King’s X – Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
King’s X – Out Of The Silent Planet
Kiss – Dressed To Kill (Japan Originals)
Kiss – Hotter Than Hell (Japan Originals)
Kiss – Kiss (Japan Originals)
Le Roux – Louisiana’s Le Roux (Wally)
Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy (UK Porky)
Led Zeppelin – I (UK Plum)
Led Zeppelin – II (RL)
Led Zeppelin – Ii (RL)
Led Zeppelin – III (UK Plum)
Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti
Legs Diamond – A Diamond Is A Hard Rock
Linda Ronstadt – Greatest Hits Volume Two (TML-M WLP)
Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus (TML)
Love – Forever Changes (UK)
Love – Forever Changes (US Mono)
Love – Love (US Mono)
Loverboy – Loverboy (Canadian Sterling)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Street Survivors
Mahogany Rush – Child Of The Novelty
Mahogany Rush – Strange Universe (Promo Allen Zentz)
Max Webster – High Class In Borrowed Shoes (Anthem)
Max Webster – Max Webster (Anthem)
Mercyful Fate – Melissa
Metallica – …And Justice For All (Rhino Box Set)
Metallica – Creeping Death Picture Disc EP (Rhino Box Set)
Metallica – Garage Days Re-Revisited (Rhino Box Set)
Metallica – Kill ‘Em All (Rhino Box Set)
Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Rhino Box Set)
Metallica – Ride The Lightning (Rhino Box Set)
Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil
Motorhead – No Remorse
Mountain – Climbing (Sterling LH)
Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride (UK Island RL)
Moxy – Ridin’ High
New York Dolls – New York Dolls (Dutch)
New York Dolls – New York Dolls (Dutch)
Nirvana – Nevermind (German)
Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz (UK)
Pantera – Far Beyond Driven (German Limited Edition)
Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power (German)
Pat Travers – Black Pearl
Pink Floyd – Animals (UK)
Pink Floyd – Meddle (UK Harvest)
Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon (UK Quad)
Pink Floyd – The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (UK Mono)
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (UK Harvest)
Point Blank – American Excess
Queen – I (UK)
Queen – Jazz (UK)
Queen – Jazz (UK)
Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (UK)
Queen – The Game (WLP)
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche – The Warning
Quicksilver Messenger Service – Happy Trails (UK)
Rainbow – Bent Out Of Shape (UK)
Rainbow – Blackmore’s Rainbow (UK Oyster)
REO Speedwagon – Hi Infidelity
REO Speedwagon – You Can Tune a Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish (WLP Wally)
Rickie Lee Jones – Rickie Lee Jones
Robin Trower – Bridge Of Sighs (UK)
Robin Trower – Long Misty Days
Rush – 2112 (Gilbert Kong)
Rush – A Farewell to Kings (Anthem)
Rush – Movin Pictures (Dutch RL)
Rush – Power Windows (UK Masterdisk)
Sammy Hagar – Three Lock Box
Santana – Abraxas (UK)
Santana – III (UK)
Santana – Santana (UK)
Saraya – Saraya
Savoy Brown – Raw Sienna
Scorpions – Blackout (German Harvest)
Scorpions – Lonesome Crow (German Brain)
Scorpions – Love At First Sting (Masterdisk AM)
Scorpions – Lovedrive (UK)
Scorpions – Taken By Force (German)
Scorpions – Tokyo Tapes (UK)
Small Faces – Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (UK Immediate Mono)
Small Faces – Small Faces
Spiders From Mars – Spiders From Mars
Starz – Violation
Steely Dan – Aja (Cisco)
Steely Dan – Can’t Buy A Thrill (Speakers Corner)
Steely Dan – Katy Lied (Kendun)
Steppenwolf – Steppenwolf (Mono)
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Couldn’t Stand The Weather
Styx – Crystal Ball (WLP)
Styx – Pieces Of Eight
Supertramp – Crime of the Century (MFSL)
Sweet – Give Us A Wink (UK RCA)
Sweet – Sweet Fanny Adams (German RCA)
Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs (UK)
T. Lavitz and the Bad Habitz – T. Lavitz and the Bad Habitz
T. Rex – Electric Warrior (UK Fly Porky)
Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever
Ted Nugent – Tooth, Fang And Claw (Sterling RL)
The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot (Classic)
The Allman Brothers – At Fillmore East (Atlantic DK)
The Animals – The Animals (UK Mono)
The Babys – Head First
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (82 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (UK 2-Box Tube Cut)
The Beatles – Beatles For Sale (82 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – Beatles For Sale (UK BC-13)
The Beatles – Beatles For Sale (UK Mono)
The Beatles – Die Beatles
The Beatles – Help! (1982 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – Help! (UK 2-Box Tube Cut)
The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour (German Horzu)
The Beatles – Please Please Me (82 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – Please Please Me (UK 2-Box Stereo Tube Cut)
The Beatles – Please Please Me (UK Mono)
The Beatles – Revolver (1982 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – Revolver (UK BC-13)
The Beatles – Rubber Soul (82 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – Rubber Soul (UK 1982 Mono)
The Beatles – Rubber Soul (UK BC-13)
The Beatles – Rubber Soul (UK Mono)
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1982 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (UK Mono)
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (UK Parlophone 1st Press)
The Beatles – The White Album (1982 Red Wax Mono)
The Beatles – The White Album (German)
The Beatles – The White Album (UK Mono)
The Beatles – The White Album (UK Stereo)
The Beatles – With The Beatles (UK 2-Box Stereo Tube Cut)
The Beatles – With The Beatles (UK BC-13)
The Beatles – With The Beatles (UK Mono)
The Butterfly Ball – The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast (UK Porky)
The Cars – The Cars (Promo)
The Charlie Daniels Band – Fire On The Mountain (Kama Sutra)
The Cranberries – Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We
The Dixie Dregs – Dregs of the Earth (Superdisk)
The Dixie Dregs – Industry Standard
The Doobie Brothers – The Captain And Me (Nautilus)
The Doors – Morrison Hotel (Rhino Box Set)
The Doors – Strange Days (US Mono)
The Doors – The Doors (DCC)
The Doors – The Doors (Mono Rhino Box Set)
The Doors – The Doors (US Mono)
The Doors – Waiting for the Sun (US Mono)
The Electromagnets – The Electromagnets
The Guess Who – Wheatfield Soul
The Hollies – Hollies Greatest’ (UK Mono)
The Marshall Tucker Band – Carolina Dreams (Sterling)
The Michael Schenker Group – The Michael Schenker Group (UK)
The Monkees – Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn And Jones Ltd. (Mono)
The Moody Blues – In Search Of The Lost Chord
The Moody Blues – On The Threshold Of A Dream (UK)
The Moody Blues – To Our Children’s Children’s Children (UK)
The Outlaws – Outlaws (Promo)
The Police – Ghost In The Machine (Nautilus)
The Police – Outlandos D’amour (UK)
The Police – Regatta de Blanc (UK)
The Police – Synchronicity (Masterdisk RL)
The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta (Nautilus)
The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (German Decca)
The Rolling Stones – Between The Buttons (UK)
The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed (UK Decca)
The Rolling Stones (Aus Decca)
The Ronettes – …presenting the fabulous Ronettes
The Who – A Quick One (UK Track Mono)
The Who – My Generation (Classic Mono)
The Who – The Who By Numbers
The Who – The Who Sell Out(UK Track Stereo)
The Who – Tommy (UK Track)
The Who – Who’s Next (Classic 200G)
The Who – Who’s Next (Decca W2)
Thin Lizzy – Johnny The Fox (Masterdisk RL)
TNT – Tell No Tales
Toto – Toto IV (Promo)
Toto – Turn Back
Trapeze – Medusa (UK Threshold)
Trapeze – Trapeze (German Threshold)
Trapeze – You Are The Music, We’re Just The Band (UK)
Van Morrison – Moondance (UK DirectDisk)
Vanilla Fudge – Vanilla Fudge (Mono)
Vince Guaraldi Trio – A Charlie Brown Christmas (Hoffman)
Vital Information – Vital Information
Warhorse – Warhorse (Australian Vertigo Swirl)
Yes – Big Generator
Yes – Close To The Edge (Friday Night Music)
Yes – Close To The Edge (WLP)
Yes – Drama (German)
Yes – Fragile (Hoffman)
Yes – The Yes Album (UK Plum)
Yes – The Yes Album (US Piros Specialty)
Yes – Yes (German)
Yes – Yes (US Piros)
Yngwie Malmsteen – Marching Out
Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force